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my ip address is always changing what to do?

So, why not cities of the IP address (IPv4) always change the router when you close down and open it again?
I know, I suck at this sort of thing

The answer:
Do not be too hard on yourself. * People can absorb * things, but being new to something, or just do not know it yet, and this is different.
Now, about your question. It sounds like your router is issuing IP addresses, so I'll go with that assumption. When your router IP address issues, mainly exports four settings for your computer. Called an IP address, DNS server settings, default gateway address, and something of stay (TTL). TTL directed your computer when a good title. Could be days or weeks or months or even minutes. If short, and this may explain the new address every time. I think this is the most likely scenario at the moment.
Remember, though, that the address given to your computer is not a single Web sites or services such as ours, to see like YouTube. This is the IP address of the year, perhaps to set your router, and controlled by the ISP. That (usually) is that Internet services and games that are looking at.

The answer (2):
It's easy to fix IP your router to your computer assigns each time. All routers are different but the basic principle is the same.
Mine (Netgear DG834G), click "Setting IP LAN", then "Edit". Here you can assign a name such as "PC Rooopppi" and address IP (192.168.0.xxx) for each device. You need to know the MAC address, which you can find out by clicking on the "attached devices".
Details vary from router to another, but this should be enough to get you going.

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