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How do i know if i have a static IP adress?

I recently bought a new router, or actually got for free .. But I would like to learn how to redirect the port so that I can download torrents faster using uTorrent.
My name is router:
Dell 2300 TrueMobile Wireless Broadband Router
I looked on portforward.com, but did not really show me how to redirect it. Evidence showed me just how to get out to the right page ....

This is what I see when you press the "Add" on the port forward page ..:
But before you do it and I need to know if I have a static IP, is not it? How do I do that? If not static, how can I make it fixed?
BTW, is the router of 2003, so not one of those fancy new one ..
Thank you.

From a Command Prompt, run "ipconfig /all". If the line, "DHCP Enabled" says Yes than you are getting a dynamic IP address from the router. If it says No, that's a static IP.

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