الأحد، 20 يناير 2013

my ip is blacklisted how remove it

how to remove my ip address fro blacklist

First of all, if your IP fell on some black, in most cases,
Means that some of the "junk" out of your IP, whether through private
Exchange Server or directly (if you do not specify correctly your firewall

Second, there is no "common method" to remove a particular IP
Whatever DNSBL, so it would be useful to know which your menus
IP running or, better, to know the IP address of your

Third, before being asked to remove, you should make sure to check
Why was the inclusion of your IP, and investigation on this issue, and to ensure
To find a solution to it, otherwise you will get re-listed in a short period, usually
Do not accept requests for deportation if repeated often

Fourth, "I need help urgently," is not a good way to get help,
People here and volunteering his time, so, if your problem is
Really urgent, you better put call some local consultant
And have them solve your problem

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